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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RockMelt is an intricate social browser that organizes social media with your browser better than browsers currently available internet users.

As users of the internet in the digital age, many are looking for new browsers that will meet specific needs.

The RockMelt is ultimately a social media enhanced Google Chrome. The RockMelt browser is almost an exact replica of Google Chrome other than the two vertical columns.

A visual for the browser is in the video displayed below.

Although there are many extensions that give social media components to other browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, RockMelt operates if and only if you put in your Facebook login.

As it can be anticipated, making it a requirement to put in your Facebook credentials in order to even just use the browser, will be a huge drawback.

I guess in the end it will all depend on what you want out of your browser.

Many people that will enjoy this browser will be the people that are wanting to naturally incorporate social media with their browser.

Since it is in the early beta stages of development and you have to sign up in order to get the browser, an alternative for a social browser right now is the Flock browser.

Just from the looks of it, it seems as if the RockMelt will be the simplified version of Flock making it a little less intrusive, and that much more appealing to users wanting a compatible social media browser.

Find out more about RockMelt's blog here.


Erin Guzman November 9, 2010 at 9:49 PM  

I can see this browser either being really efficient, or really annoying. What I'm imagining is more or less Tweetdeck and Google Chrome morphed into one...and that seems very cluttered in my head.

I suppose for marketing-type people who are striving for maximization of their accounts/social medias, it's perfect. I can see it cutting down a lot of time having to log in to different accounts, etc. But for the typical Internet user, will it actually do anything except take up more hard drive space?

As these platforms and tools keep evolving, they'll just try to out-do the last when it the point to where enough is enough?

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