The Importance to Blogging

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today every journalism student is said to need a blog in order to become a successful future journalist.

Many people blog all over the world for many different reasons. Some blog in attempts to become famous, while other people may do so in order to receive that A they want in class. No matter the reason all blogs are reaching a common goal, spreading information. This spreading of information is the main focus of journalism today.

At Simpson College there are professors that require their students to either be apart of a blog, or even create their own, such as professor Brian Steffen who uses for The News About The News in his Communications 201 class. Why do professors do this? The blog prepares students for their future careers, and it is suggested by many professional journalists that journalism students create their own blog, such as Drake Snyder from the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Being apart of a blog is beneficial to future journalists in many ways, and it's essential for their future career. This skill teaches them how to write professional stories, and allows them to learn how to spread news professionally. These two aspects of blogging is exactly what will be expected of journalists by their editors; giving them a step up in the hierarchy of journalism when they start to interview for a journalism position. When an editor is able to look at a future prospect's work in action, you can bet that that prospect will have an advantage with his work being previously posted.

Setting up a blog account is easy, so why not set up an account today, and get started on your future career as a journalist? Blogging is beneficial and essential for the future journalist. The sooner you become apart of a blog the better.

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Nicole Dillenburg January 25, 2011 at 5:22 PM  

This blog post is very beneficial because it reinforces the idea of how important blogging is as well as the benefits that you can receive from it. I also like how you say that not everyone who blogs does it for "journalism" purposes only. Some people are solely using their blogger to try to get discovered or express their feelings.

Morgan Fleener January 25, 2011 at 9:35 PM  

I agree with this blog post because I personally always thought of blogging as a waste of time. I always viewed as people using it as a diary to share their personal problems. However, after taking BNR, I have realized just how important blogging is to journalists and the media today.

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