Twitter in the Courts

Monday, February 7, 2011

The most important court within the United States, the Supreme Court, is now allowing individuals, specifically journalists, to tweet about what is happening from within the cases. This new opportunity will increase the amount of publicity newspapers will receive by allowing the current journalists to keep the public informed online about debates and court progressions.

These progressions will allow readers to remain more updated about cases and hopefully spark interest in other individuals who wouldn't be interested in the past. By allowing tweets to be submitted during the case, officials hope the popularity of the Supreme court cases will be enhanced and questions from the public will be answered immediately.

Journalists along with the public, are going to benefit from this opportunity. By allowing immediate information to be relayed to readers they will build loyalty for their information by the public.

Having immediate news to relay towards the readers will keep the readers interest. This interest will help the journalists receive more attention.

However, not all cases are open for tweeting. "Important exceptions include cases where there are formal reporting restrictions in place, family cases involving the welfare of a child, and cases where publication of proceedings might prejudice a pending jury trial." Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that it should not disrupt the court system.

These exceptions are minor when it comes to the overall picture. Keeping readers informed about what is happening immediately, is imperative to building popularity for the news industry in the media world.

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