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Monday, March 7, 2011

Twitter is amongst the top-10 websites worldwide and has affected society and social media to the max. A unique trait about Twitter is that users are restricted as to how they interact with others, being that there is a limit of only 140 characters per tweet.

Little do we know that there are other options available through Twitter that allows us to communicate beyond the 140-text limit. Listed below are other options that exist in order to help Twitter users get the most out of their “tweets.”

Twitpic: Gives users the opportunity to upload images to their Twitter feed.

Tweetie: Allows instantaneous access and update ability for numerous Twitter accounts. The only downfall is that this application is only available for Macs.
Formulists: Lets users arrange their Twitter lists based on the number of followers, activity, keywords and location.

Tweet Memo: This app is similar to post-it notes because it lets users send themselves reminders, in which will pop up on their feed at the scheduled time planned.

Only the links: Sorted based on tweets that have Web links.

Tweriod: Evaluates followers Twitter streams and analyzes when they are online the most. After doing so, it lets users know when it is the best time to tweet.

Storify: Allows users to produce narratives by joining tweets together.

All of these apps allow users to become more organized while using Twitter. Test these apps out and see how they can help benefit your Twitter experience.

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Morgan Fleener March 8, 2011 at 10:45 AM  

This blog helps a lot, since many of us are new to Twitter this semester. I didn't know about a lot of those applications. It is nice that Twitter allows us as journalists to keep our social media accounts more organized by giving several different applications to coordinate with the site.

Charlie Sandvick March 8, 2011 at 11:24 AM  

I agree with Morgan. This is a very helpful and interesting blog because all of us new to Twitter, like myself, probably have no idea what any of these terms are or mean. It's good to learn new terms in social media, so you don't get left behind.

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