The Most Important Political Interview Ever

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In 1977, the world will know the thruth about the Watergate scandal thanks to the work of a british journalist, Sir David Frost.

What we call the Nixon interviews is a series of interviews of former United States President Richard Nixon that were recorded on television in four programs in 1977.

Richard Nixon was away from public life for two years after his resignation in 1974 and the discovery of the Watergate scandal. Sir david frost will pay him to obtain these interviews. Unlike conventional political interviews, Nixon was not aware of the questions that would be ask to him and he appeared surprised and tensed.

For a journalist, the work of Sir David Frost is an example that demonstrates how to get the truth from a politician and how to run an interview that will have an impact on the audience.

A Gallup poll conducted after the interviews aired showed that 69 percent of the public thought that Nixon was still trying to cover up, 72 percentstill thought he was guilty of obstruction of justice, and 75 percent thought he deserved no further role in public life.

It is the role of a journalist to find the truth, to investigate, to ask questions that can lead to a great answer and in this case, Frost did a wonderful job.


Maddie Boswell March 2, 2011 at 9:52 AM  

I am always interested to hear about these interviews. They are truly part of history in American politics and are a great example of journalism. If you are interested in this case there is a great movie out called "Frost Nixon" that covers many angles of this historic story.

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