NYT Wants you to PAY for News?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Effective Monday the pay wall has arrive at the New York Times website. Most of us are sitting around claiming we won't be paying for news. We think it's crazy for the Times to believe we'll be pay close to $200 a year for their online newspaper when can just go somewhere else and read it for free.

I believe the Times has this under control. Many people who come to their website are brought there from other sources including news aggregators. The Times has decided to allow website browsers 20 free page views. You might be thinking that's not too many. However, people linked to the site from news aggregation sites like Google, won't be using up one of their page views.

Loyal Times customers will pay for access to the website. And casual users won't. As someone who doesn't pay for a newspaper, but will readily read one if it's available, I think this will work for the Times. It will still get them readers who are looking through their paper and see the ads in the paper.

Depending on the number of subscribers to the Times after the pay wall goes up, the price will probably be lowered, prompting more people to pay for the Times online. While many people believe that most won't pay for the Times and won't read it anymore, I believe the Times holds enough prestige among newspapers to garner the payment they're requesting for a little while, until they lower it.


Nicole Dillenburg March 29, 2011 at 9:21 AM  

I believe that only a rare amount of people will spend money on the NYT. Once the prices are lowered, there will definitely be a major increase of consumers.

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