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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So seeing as we are all in BNR together, we are technically all journalism students.

I have been thinking recently about some ways that we could improve our chances of getting a job once out of college, and I ran across this article with a list of tips on how to improve our future success.
The main tip I took from this article is to utilize campus opportunities. This includes everything from on-campus media to internships to talking to professors and upper classmen.
By joining on-campus media, it will give you a chance to get hands-on experience before being tossed out into the professional world, which can give you a boost in the job market over those who did not get involved in on-campus media.
Internships can also help boost your status in the job market, and they can help you create a network, which is another essential part of being a future journalist.
Networking can be enhanced by getting to know your professors and upper classmen as well. By learning from the experience of those who have already been through the media and been involved with it can be very helpful to learning how to do and how not to do things in the future.
The other tip that I found very essential is to have an open mind. Without a willingness to learn new things, especially such things as how to use new media, you are much less likely tobe successful than if you immerse yourself in new media.
For more tips, and more in-depth discussion of the tips that I have mentioned, be sure to visit the article posted above.
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April Sigmund April 6, 2011 at 12:08 PM  

I agree that taking control of opportunities on campus is a great way to get ahead. Internships can give you the experience you need for future jobs, and can even provide you with a full time paying job.

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