Layoffs Don't Scare Me

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know this blog is used mainly during the school year by BNR students, but with the newest round of layoffs made by Gannett, I couldn't pass up a chance to blow off a little steam.

Back in March, it finally hit me what I wanted to do with my life. Be a sportswriter, and if I was lucky enough, to become a broadcaster, too.

One of my favorite writers happens to be Sean Keeler, who is a sports columnist for the Des Moines Register. He was one of 13 employees housed by the Gannett-owned newspaper who were sent home for good.

Reason: money.

The claim that there is no money is halfway true. Writers and reporters don't tend to see it because all of the top people in highrises are rolling in it like pigs in mud. Yes, I'm looking at you Chris Dubow and Gracia Martore. The combined compensation of Gannett's CEO, COO/president and newspaper division president = $21 million. Enough to pay 700 people a salary of $30,000 each. Yes, I did do the math correctly.

Anyway, how can this be fair to the rest of the writers who are working their tails off to share stories through words and pictures. Some of the top people in this business are getting released realistically for no reason, except lack of money at the bottom.

The company accuses lack of ad revenue for lack of financial security, but when the company pays their head honchos extra to let people go, what message does that send?

Gannett is the only isolated example. There are plenty more print companies in the business. This shouldn't send a message to all those aspiring to write for newspapers.

These layoffs do not scare me as an aspriring writer. A handful of layoffs because some CEO is in love with money will not make me walk out of journalism. I have a story to tell. As do all of us comm students.


Megan Evans August 27, 2011 at 5:16 PM  

I'm glad to hear a person who is ready to take on the future without fear! It can be extremely scary to let your mind wander off to where you will be a year or two from now, but realizing the importance of journalism and sharing news is the perfect remedy to those fears. The money is important, but not everything. Hopefully these corporations will realize just what they are loosing with these lay-offs, and begin to use alternatives to cut costs-soon.

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