Hanging Out with Google

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There's a new way for journalist to video chat these days, and its all thanks to Google+'s new features which were announced today. The new version named "Hang outs on Air" will allow journalist to record video and live stream their discussions to their colleagues.
Now with this built in feature, journalist can conduct their discussions publicly by:
  • Creating a virtual town hall where they can be outside and officials tell them the latest news.
  • Have a meeting with the editorial staff and then after everything is discussed and edited, they can post the video and the written editorial report.
  • They can even have a political debate at the Hangout!

If that wasn't the icing on the cake, Google made another announcement that they would be making a few more changes, including: support for Android phones that had front facing cameras, sharing streaming through their computer's screen, and sharing a GoogleDoc.

With all these new changes to the world of journalism, its making me very excited to hop right into the business and learn all these new ways to give me an edge of success.

Picture Credit: Creative Commons.

Accreditation: Jeff Sonderman at Poynter.org


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