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Sunday, September 11, 2011

To be or not to be...a journalistic company? A recent article posed this question to some of the largest corporations in the world. Sam Diaz, a technology and business blogger, begun to explore the role and responsibility that that these Internet companies now hold in our society in one of his latest posts.

The decision of being a committed journalistic resource has began to take on greater importance because of the increasing role in daily life that these companies now hold. Diaz cites specifically Facebook, Google and twitter when he mentions journalistic credibility and responsibility. It is an extremely important matter to examine when so many use these outlets to facilitate their hunger for news.

Each of these corporations have their own ranking and ratings systems that allow users to consume and comment on material that is most important to them, and also what has received the most attention. It is the latter, however, that leads to the issue of when do these social media sites become more than just a facilitator of thoughts? They are now contributing to the news of the world, and although some say they are simply displaying it, others are willing to accept the challenge to do so with more of a quality, journalistic approach.

Diaz ends his article by asking the reader if these companies should strive to do more to preserve journalist standards, or if it even matters? Simply from the few short weeks I have had in my reporting class, I can answer with a resounding yes. They should do all they can to protect the integrity of the information their sites are contributing to news consumption everyday to help the populations of the world stay involved and connected. Another yes to the second question of if it matters. It is similar to the social responsibility we all have to own each day, and these are standards that must be set in place in order to have any chance of complying to them every day.


David Wiley September 12, 2011 at 8:21 PM  

While I agree that it is important to have quality news streaming from sources, I don't think the responsibility necessarily should fall to something like Twitter or Facebook to monitor. Could you imagine Twitter trying to keep up with all the tweets being posted every minute, making sure it is all valid news? They would have to place a delay between the user pressing "send" and the post appearing for others to see.

That is ridiculous to expect any company to try and do on that sort of scale.

It is up to the users, consisting of the people making the posts or tweets and the people reading them, to uphold integrity. Cite sources, research material, and build credibility if you are posting. Challenge statements, double and triple check facts, and see where the information is coming from as a reader.

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