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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have grown immensely frustrated with the Occupy Wall Street protest, but not in the way that would be the obvious assumption.

When browsing several news blogs I happened across another article talking about the Occupy Wall Street campaign in New York. The article was informative in my opinion; however, one line from the article sparked frustration. The section of the story was talking about Occupy Wall Street claiming to not have been getting enough media coverage. And, while this complaint was specifically geared toward the fact that mainstream media has provided this movement very little coverage, 2011 is a digital age and everything--no matter how big or small--is always covered somewhere in the media.

While this movement has yet to receive major attention in the national news, the age of "citizen journalism," as stated by, is at hand. With the number of tweets, blogs, video footage, and photographs available to inform the nation and the world of this cause, the voices of those oppressed are being heard.

If those of the movement would simply stop complaining about the lack of main-stream media coverage and take advantage of the digital advances of our time who truly knows what will result. Look at Barack Obama's campaign--it was on facebook.


Keith McCarthy October 5, 2011 at 11:56 AM  

Why don't you discuss Citizenside in this article? I feel your post would have benefitted from an explanation of how it could help those invovled in the Occupy Wallstreet protests. Personally Citizenside sounds like an improvement to me. It's focus on news related posts appears to be an attempt to help alleviate clutter for citizen journalists. Like the article you provided said, it's hard to post any news online as a citizen journalist. Where content has to compete with pop culture videos and entertainment pieces on sites like youtube, Citizenside looks to provide only news. Hopefully it will help shine the spotloight on lesser events that big media refuses to cover.

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