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Sunday, November 13, 2011

For a long time the citizens of West Valley City had been reading articles about their town in the Desert News written by a freelance journalist named Richard Burwash. Little did they know who exactly Richard Burwash was.

It turned out that the mayor of the city, Mike Winder, had been using the pen name to write positive stories about his town. Winder was tired of reading negative articles in the paper about his town so he decided to start writing freelance stories about what positive things were going on in his town.

In an article with the Associated Press Winder said that 56 percent of the coverage of West Valley was about crime.

Winder submitted all of his articles through Desert Connect which is a website for freelancers to give their stories to submit their stories to Desert News and other news networks.

Winder decided to tell the truth about his pen name because he is looking at running for the Mayor of Salt Lake City.

"I would rather disclose it on my own terms then a political enemy," said Winders



Cait November 13, 2011 at 6:02 PM  

It was a nice idea for the mayor to do that to his readers; however, it seems kind of bias. Of course, since he is the mayor, he'd want people to think of good things when referencing the town he ran. But I must say this, I'm impressed that he came out and told the truth, it takes a pure hearted person to do that.

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