Premature Tweeting

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A recent article posted to brought to light that some news corporations are getting upset with journalists who use social media to report news to early.

The article focused on Brian Stelter's criticism of the Associate Press' guideline requiring its journalists not to break news before it reports it.

Stelter makes the point that the journalists shouldn't have to wait for their respective news outlets to publish news in order to report on it.

He criticizes that the wire should react faster and I couldn't agree more.

The news should be reported swiftly and accurately. If both these terms can be met there is no reason not to publish.

What appears to be the biggest concern with journalist publishing news before their employers is that it undermines the employer.

Big news argues that the journalists they employ are serving to promote their own brand instead of the companies.

However, they wouldn't have this problem if the news organization worked to publish quicker.

It would give the journalist a better chance to link to news sources and increase visitors to their websites and other pages.


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