Taking a lickin' and keepin' on ticken'

Monday, September 15, 2008

By:Quinn Albrecht

Amidst the destruction of Hurricane Ike, one newspaper is still finding a way to stay in print. The Galveston Daily News lost its roof due to the hurricane last week, but is still ticking.

The Victoria Advocate is printing their stories for them and is also helping them deliver to shelters and homes alike. The paper is doing its best to keep its readers informed of all that is going on, with many different outlets.

A sister newspaper, The Herald-Zeitung, is letting the staff use their facilities to type up stories and edit them. The Galveston Daily News is yet to miss an edition, thanks to their help.

They are using a cell phone blog site called Twitter, and also they are posting all news on the website. This is a huge change from years past, when a situation like this would shut down a newspaper for a long time and keep readers in the dark.

They are utilizing technology to; first of all get in touch with the members of their staff to make sure they are all okay. Secondly they are using what they have to keep people up to date on the latest efforts and breakthroughs with Hurricane Ike.

Its seems that today we are forced to deal with larger problems than ever, but for the Galveston Daily News, these problems will never slow them down.


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