Monday, September 15, 2008

By: Shauna Agan

While many people believe the media is accurate, or at least fairly accurate, many also believe a lot of truths are left out.

One group of people feels so strongly about these inaccuracies that they started a Web site about the accuracy in the media. Browsing this page, one could find many things this group of individuals believes to be inaccurate within the mainstream media.

Some allegations appear to have a basis of truth while some in fact are far-fetched.
One article I found interesting was titled “Obama Truth Campaign”. This article accuses the media of withholding information about Sen. Barack Obama because reporters are more interested in other things.

While I do not know if there is any truth behind these accusations, there is a phone number, address, and e-mail address listed in this article to try to gain readers’ support for the writer’s cause. There is also an advertisement at the side attempting to make readers believe Liberals say unmentionable things.

Although this Web site is probably not reliable, the name is ironic. The people who wrote this particular article are obviously a group of Conservatives who feel media takes a Liberal stance.

Internet sources in today’s society are said to be a source of media. Although this Web site may not be in the mainstream media, it is still a source that many people look to for information.

While accusing the mainstream of being biased and inaccurate, this article has also become biased to the opposite extreme. How can they accuse the other sources of being biased when they themselves are biased? Hypocrites.


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