The "Millennial" Factor

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

By: Kelsey Knutson

A recent article in USA Today talked about how young voters have been energized by the Obama campaign. These young voters are considered the Millennial generation which are classified as "optimistic problem solvers" who promote change.

According to the USA Today article, a USA TODAY/MTV/Gallup Poll of registered voters 18 to 29 years old showed that Sen. Barack Obama is leading over Sen. John McCain by 61%-32%. 

Young voters claim they can relate more to Obama than to McCain. This Millennial generation, which represent voters from ages 18-29, want to see change and they (as a general group) don't see that happening with McCain in office. 

"Sen. Obama clearly has some advantages with young voters," according to political director for the McCain campaign, Michael DuHaime. 

Should Obama start writing his inaugural address because polls show that young voters SHOULD turn out this election season? 

History shows us that there is generally a poor voter turnout among today's youth for many reasons. Some include the unfamiliarity with the voting system, the fact that young people (primarily students) move around a lot, and many of them forget to reregister to vote. 

However, if this young generation can "pull it together" and mobilize an entire group of people to get out and vote, then this generation can compete with the "baby boomer" generation and change the outcome of this election. 

It's one thing to say you want change and another thing to help make a change. We all must vote. 

(USA Today article, Energized by Obama, voters uder 30 show signs of shifting the electorate, by Susan Page. October 6, 2008.)


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