War coverage

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

By: Jessica Hamell

Why can't the news show the full view of what the war is like? The soldiers come home with a wide aray of mental and physical problems but we seldom hear about them. You don't see the pictures in the news or really stories that put you in the shoes of the soldiers.

Is there an unwritten law that tells how much a news source can publish about a touchy subject?
On the Iraq War news from yahoo site some of the headlines were:
"Iraqi insurgents forced underground", "Bush reshuffles war zone troops", "U.S. and Iraqi Officials Try to Reassure Citizen Patrols About Transfer",
"Bush eases back on Iraq troop withdrawals as Palin son heads out" and "Iraq's Sadr extends militia truce".

None of them go into too much depth. I know that seeing things like that would probably stir up a lot of controversy but in some cases it would be good. We saw it on 9/11 and that made us stronger as a country. Maybe if we showed just a little it would bring more support for our troops who are over seas fighting for our country.


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