Newspaper commercials in the next Super Bowl?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

by Peter Merchlewitz

Can you recall the last time you saw an advertisement for a newspaper? Perhaps at a baseball game or maybe on the side of a bus? Truth of the matter is that we rarely ever see ads for newspapers anymore, and it might be hurting sales of newspaper companies. eat sleep publish brings up the interesting fact that the only time when newspapers actually advertise, it actually makes news.

Think about it. Each day, how do you receive the news? Internet? Podcast?

I doubt that there is any product in the entire world that can "sell itself." Everyday, companies everywhere pour millions and millions of dollars into ads so that they can maintain or increase sales. *cough* Super Bowl ads *cough*

And is there really a problem with people trying to sell you something? Actually some people believe that advertising newspapers is an affront to the whole industry.

Let's image that you were at the Iowa State Fair and one of the food vendors was selling deep fried praying mantis. It might not sound very appetizing, but you buy one anyway and as it turns out, they're very tasty? Would you be mad at the vendor for getting your money or would you be glad for finding a new tasty treat?

So how would that be any different for a newspaper company advertising their product, thus giving you good news?


Jason Preston October 9, 2008 at 10:13 AM  

It's true - why are there advertisements for milk? Do people not know that milk exists?

Of course they do.

Milk companies advertise because when they advertise *their sales go up*


Thanks for the link!

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