Slowly Fading

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

By Kellie Green

While going through some sources online and trying to decided what to write about, I began to think about how I only search online for ideas about the news. Why is that?

One of things that I noticed, is that almost every newspaper and even news channel has their own website. It is just easier for people to go online, then to watch TV or pick up a newspaper.

It is easier now for newspapers to have websites because most people use the Internet more and more each day. Instead of having to go to pick up The Des Moines Register or The New York Times, you can just go to their website.

What really got me interested in this topic is that I was reading an article found on Google News. The article was about a man that is the descendant of George Washington.

The article had referenced that historians couldn't get much information about the descendants of President George Washington till the Internet came around. They were able to get more resources and information with the internet then they could without it.

This made me really see how dependent our society is on the Internet. We use it for everything and things like newspapers, TV and radio are slowly fading away. Will Internet take over everything? It's a question a lot of people ask everyday.


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