NY Times Using Foursquare at Olympics

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Many businesses have already made deals with the increasingly popular Foursquare website. It has included HBO, the History Channel, and Warner Brothers. Foursquare is a social media site that allows many of your friends from Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter to find what your location is. This has increase the knowledge to your location. This is supposed to help you find friends near you. It acts as a simple finder. Foursquare also uses a "Mayor" function. This allows the person who has visited the place most often become the mayor. This then allows the mayor to receive incentives from the place at many locations. They also earn badges for certain achievements.

The interesting thing about this is that the New York Times and Foursquare have announced that they have announced that they have teamed up together. People who have written for the travel and entertainment areas are suggesting what type of venues are their best bet to go to. If someone goes to at least two of the suggested venues they will receive a special badge. A little incentive after trying the places. The Metro has also offered similar deals relevant to that of the New York Times.

The future of this is up in the air. The added support will add an increase of users on Foursquare. This will cause advertisement opportunities and in the end a successful future for Foursquare.


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