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Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you using Twitter to its fullest potential?

According to Mashable's Jennifer Van Grove, there are five major ways Twitter is beating out other social media sites.

One way Twitter is becoming more accessible to users and non-users is with its new feature @anywhere. @anywhere will soon be made available to all website owners and publishers. The feature allows anyone to tweet about something directly from any website they are on.

Twitter users also have been using it to get news exactly when they want it. This is causing a competition between Twitter and television. Companies have been taking advantage of Twitter to air spoiler alerts. Whether this is a smart move or not, users are able to find out news and facts before they could find them out from television.

This is also the case with newsrooms. Tweets are an instant broadcast of news, whereas news that is produced via newspapers and newscasts take time to produce and broadcast. However, since tweets can be produced instantly, tweeters they don't go through the process of fact checking as thoroughly.

A third way Twitter is dominating competitive media sites is by offering multiple languages. Twitter is now available in French, Spanish, and Italian. By offering other languages, it gives non-English speaking users a chance to join the Twitter phenomenon.

A last way Twitter is rising above its competition is by appealing to celebrities, media organizations, and sports teams. Statistics have found that those who have a distinctive use for Twitter, tweet a lot more than those who use it for fun. By appealing to users with a specific purpose for tweeting, Twitter can continue to appeal to other users without ever losing popularity among the avid tweeters.


Kari.Ratkovich March 30, 2010 at 8:27 AM  

I definitely think that Twitter has made a huge mark on the media world. Access to instant news and information keeps people and businesses informed on a moments notice. I do however, find it extremely annoying when people use Twitter to announce petty things like: "I just went to the bathroom for the third time this morning". Who cares really? Is that news? There is a fine line between tweeting the news and tweeting just to be tweeting. I think that once people figure that out, Twitter and other social networking sites will far exceed all expectations.

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