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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VIVmag released several videos of their new iPad application last week. The completely digital magazine was featured in The New York Times as a "taste of digital reading's future," but according to Sarah Perez many still had doubts of its cost.

Since VIVmag is already an online magazine, it was not hard for them to make the switch to video rather than just photos. Creating this digital content costs about as much as making a print issue, and the magazine has created reusable templates to speed up the process.

This video shows how VIVmag will create their interactive story

VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread - iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

Zinio, the magazine's distributor, will also be creating an iPad application for publishers that do not want to make their own. Through this app readers will be able to easily find and subscribe to different magazines through an online "newsstand".

VIVmag has definitely found a great way to keep readers interested with a flashy app, but will users pay for content like this?


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