How much is too much?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Media has been on the rise and is continuing to do so as technological advances keep occurring. Americans are wondering if these advances are setting new extremes for the safety of their lives and their children. Many Americans believe that the new technology should be viewed as a positive outcome for the economy. Tasks are able to be done quicker and at a more consistent rate. With this increased amount of technology the use of workers is slowly decreasing. Why hire a worker if there is a electronic gadget to do the work at half the price? With these new advancements many people are losing their jobs because they are not needed in the media and journalism industry. What happens when the technology source crashes? We still need reliable workers to make sure that the job is going to be done and done on time. If there was an electric outage and the media world was not prepared then the news would not get delivered on time and many people would be upset.

One new gadget that was added most recently is the invention of the Apple iPhone. These gadgets help individuals stay up on the most current news just from the touch of their finger. Whats cooler than that is the invention of the ipad. This handheld electronic allows total access to the web 24/7, with a monthly fee of course. Consumers are able to view the news from the touch of a button. These electric advances are very exciting to American consumers. My warning is, don't let technology consume you, pick up a hard copy newspaper from time to time. Appreciate the work of those who created it.  

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Nicole Dillenburg January 25, 2011 at 4:15 PM  

Personally, I believe technology is currently reaching a new extreme that is affecting society in a negative way. Yes, there are many benefits to having this type of technology around, but only because they are convenient and quick. I believe this says a lot about our society and that we are always on the go. My question is when do we stop creating more and more devices that allow us to search for information? Are you concerned at all with the fact that if you type your name into Google, there is a good possibility of your very own picture coming up? I believe there is a certain line that should not be crossed in the technology world because privacy is no longer an option; instead, it is society that controls it.

Jeremy Dubois January 25, 2011 at 5:31 PM  

I like to sit down and read newspapers instead of looking for news on the internet. I hope newspapers won't disappear before me.

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