Jerry Morton, a Great Photojournalist

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jerry Lee Morton, an editorial-page editor and photojournalist for the Enquirer in the 1970s, died this Jan. 24 at the age of 67.

His death took place at his East Lansing residence.

Through Jerry many learned it was important to relax, laugh and observe people with a good-natured curiosity, he was truly inspirational.

During his time at the Enquirer he wore a newsboy hat and was tall and gangly always holding his pencil and notebook with a big smile on his face. People in small-town Michigan always seemed happy to see him.

Morton would also, from time to time, engage in a "walk through spring" hiking through the area, meeting, photographing and writing about people along the way.

Morton taught journalism at Michigan State University after leaving the newspaper.

Along with teaching Morton gathered some of his greatest Enquirer columns into three paperbacks, which he sold to his admirers.

Morton had many hobbies, one of which, was traveling. He spent substantial time in Mexico and Romania, where he published photo-essay books of people he met in both places.

Among his many accomplishments Morton had a doctorate in journalism. A list of his accomplishments can be seen at under his obituary.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Jason Perkins


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