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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello fellow BNR students. As all of you know one of the requirements for this class is to do a vlog. The main tip given for this assignment is to look at the camera and not the screen, so when your vlog is viewed it doesn't look like you purposely didn'took at the camera or didn't know where it was. Such as in the wonderful example Brian Steffen showed us of Michele Bachmann. I have a few more tips that can help you have the best vlog ever.

1. Choose a topic and stay on topic. Vlogs are not ment to be long. Address the points you want to in a timely and organized fashion.

2. Quality beats quantity. It is better for you to have a few quality videos than a large sum of boring videos.

3. Articulate, if people can't hear or understand you they are not going to want to view your vlog.

4. Avoid the use of ummm and like. It is plain and simple-just don't say them.

5. Avoid unnecessary distractions. This includes a distracting background scenery or noise.

6. Lastly, just like this blog it is important to add lables to the vlog describing what your vlog is about. It gives people a higher likely hood of being able to see your vlog and possibly getting more subscribers.

I hope these tips help and feel free to comment with more tips.
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Charlie Sandvick February 8, 2011 at 2:13 PM  

This was a very useful blog post to help the members of the class prepare for their vblogs and feel more confident about the approach they're taking with it. It's also very helpful for future projects in case someone wants to do a vlog in the future.

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