Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What does the abbreviation app mean? This abbreviation did not exist a couple years ago but has a very profound impact on our lives today.

The abbreviation app stems from the word application which is not only a computer program like it used to be but an iPad and cellular device program. One new app that has been impacting the journalism world is called "Readability".

Readability,mobile and web app, was created in 2009 by Richard Ziade. This app, which is a simple browser add on, allows newsreaders to open an article and feel comfortable while they are reading the article.

While reading online articles it is easy to become distracted by all of the pop-ups, rewards, and advertisements the website tries to offer the reader. Readability erases all of these nuances and simply allows the reader the story at hand without any distractions.

Each newsreader can customize their reading article to fit their needs. This helps the reader to enjoy the material which will increase their need for journalists to create new articles.

If the reader does not have time to read the article, don't worry. You can save the article to the app and then access it later whether that be online or offline.

The first version of this app was free of charge but the new version is one that will credit the publishers and writers by paying them 70% of all member fees. Each time an article is clicked on the writer or reporter will be given a payment for their work.

I believe this app is a great and affordable way to keep the news on demand for consumers. Consumers will find this app easy to use and it keeps the journalists happy by providing them profit for their work.

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Alexa Smith February 1, 2011 at 2:54 PM  

This sounds really cool. How big of a competitor is this for print newspapers?

Nicole Dillenburg February 1, 2011 at 8:30 PM  

This app seems very beneficial, allowing the viewer to access the information they want within a quick amount of time. The selling point is that they get to choose what information they want to view without having pop ups involved.

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