Chick-fil-A Accused of Being Anti-Gay, but Where’s the Proof?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In a recent article published in The New York Times there are many questionable issues brought to the table.

The article discusses issues surrounding the food chain Chick-fil-A and accuses them of being anti-gay marriage. As many know Chick-fil-A is an evangelical Christian company and is known for being closed on Sundays.

In the article, published on January 30, the Times attacked the food chain, accusing it of being anti-gay marriage. Although this could be a good guess based on most evangelical Christian views, they produced no solid sources to back up the accusation.

The argument against Chick-fil-A is extremely weak in the first place. The issue that served as the initial basis for the story was a stretch. In the article, Chick-fil-A is accused of being anti-gay marriage after people got upset when a Chick-fil-A provided food for events of organizations known to oppose gay marriage. Not only were these events not sponsored by Chick-fil-A themselves, but the events weren't centered around the subject of gay-marriage. Not only were these events not sponsored by Chick-fil-A themselves, but also the events weren't centered around the subject of gay-marriage rights to begin with.

Near the end of the article there were finally a few sources mentioned, but none were truly reliable. Most of the information ended up coming from the everyday person who is most likely not a reliable source for the article.

Checking the facts is not only an important part of journalism, but arguably the most important part. This article may hurt the image of the Times when readers question the sources of their information.

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Erin Gerken February 2, 2011 at 10:27 AM  

It bothers me that people would do this, without having a true basis for the facts. It seems like people just want to fight these days, instead of actually having a debate, especially on issues like this. People will find flaws in anything. I just think it is abserd that someone would write and publish this story without true evidence to support their cause.

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