Public News and its Importance

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An article recently appeared on ABC News' website about proposed budget federal budget cuts that could harm National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System.

This drive is mostly spearheaded by Republicans, who have long considered these organizations to have a liberal bias, but the issue is only drawing a large amount of national attention as the government increasingly looks for ways to cut spending.

The whole liberal bias issue has been talked to death over the last couple of decades, so I'll steer clear of that. What really annoys me, however, is the idea that taking away programs that actually provide useful, renewable services for the population is in any way going to solve the monetary crisis in America.

These two organizations provide services to both young and old people, promoting discussion and education in issues. I have heard several Europeans I know comment that PBS is the best, least ridiculous of the US news networks that they can watch from an American perspective.

This is relevant to all journalists, whether working at privately owned or federally owned organizations, because the spreading of ideas, truth and discourse is journalism is supposed to do. If we cut funding to some of the few remaining places that strive to do that, how can we avoid making the same mistakes that led us to the current financial crisis in the future?

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