Don't Write Off Journalism

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I will admit when I started taking Beginning Newswriting and Reporting I didn't give journalism a great deal of thought. I'm studying public relations why on earth do I need to know about writing news articles?

As the semester progressed I saw the value the class had on my field of study. It's really not a big shocker that some of the concepts in journalism transcend into public relations.

Twitter is a great way to share news. Why not share upcoming events with links to a website?

Blogging can be used to discuss a view on a topic or it can work well when writing a blurb about an event on a website.

Video blogging while not as prominent as a tool definitely has potential. Show clips from the process of getting the event ready or from years past.

Lesson learned is that journalism isn't just about being held up in a dimly lit room rushing to get an article together. It's really just another way of communicating and getting information out.



Maddie Boswell April 19, 2011 at 9:53 PM  

I agree. I am going into IMC not multi media and I was skeptical about parts of this course when it started. I had a very negative opinion about Twitter, until I got it! I love it! It is a great professional tool. BNR has definitely improved my writing skills by introducing me to a new form of writing.

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