Evolution of Journalism

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is no question that journalism has constantly been evolving ever since its beginning, mostly due to the creation of the internet.

Paul Bradshaw of the UK Press Gazette created a list of ten ways journalism has changed in just the past ten years alone. Here are a few of his findings:

1. Journalism evolved from a lecture to a conversation.
One change in journalism has been the increased involvement of the audience. Through the internet, audience members and viewers can now voice their opinion or comment on the works of journalists in a fast and easy way.

Before the internet, written letters were the only form of communication between the journalist and the reader. This form was very slow paced and often not affective.

2. Journalism led to the rise of the amateur.
Everyone became a newsreporter with the release of camcorders, mobile phone picture and video capabilities, blogs, and social networks. Often is the case where everyday, ordinary citizens capture live news rather than actual news reporters.

3. Really Simple Sindication
Before RSS, journalists had to constantly hunt through dozens of websites for updates. RSS now allows journalists to subscribe to dozens of news feeds that can be contained all in one central reader.

RSS also creates niche audiences, allowing readers to subscribe to specific newspaper sections or writers.

To check out the rest of Bradshaw's list, visit this link.

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