Amy Winehouse: Dead or Alive?

Monday, October 31, 2011

When you look in the paper, on the internet, or check your emails the first couple headlines you see are most likely going to be about Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse is dead and died a while ago. Her coverage over why she died, her new release, and her childhood are getting old and not newsworthy anymore.

"The world will finally get to hear her music as she leaves the world unexpectedly" says MTV reporters. These types of headlines fill the media still today. The media is not covering her death on TV as much today but the internet is still filled with Winehouse's death.

In the eyes of an audience member watching the media forces me to believe that sometimes journalists don't know what to write about so go back on old deaths such as Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. Yes they lived a great life and produced great music but when is enough, enough?

In todays time, journalists should be covering the world series, the war, the president elections, Halloween drama, and the list goes on. Personally I like to hear about current news and don't want to dwell back on deaths and old news.

Lastly Amy Winehouse was not a Michael Jackson, Elvis Presly, or Madona. Amy was a pop singer who was average. She didn't have sold out shows or number one hit CD's. Therefore the media not only needs to stop Amy's intense coverage, they also need to realize that she wasn't a huge artist.


tyler.crandell November 2, 2011 at 9:16 AM  

I agree with you on how sometimes the reporters just need to move on from topics such as this. I feel like they keep reporting for such a long time on topics such as Winehouse's death because they feel as if they need to pay a certain respect to the person, or they know that the Winehouse fans will read the article no matter how old it is. Also just recently they had found out that alcohal was the cause of her death which could be why the topic is being brought up still.

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