Cartoonists Portray Steve Jobs in Christian Heaven

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Many editorial cartoons drawn for the death of Steve Jobs portray him in a Christian heaven, even though he is known to be a Buddhist.

After his passing, Steve Jobs has been in a number of cartoons that show him in a Christian heaven most often wearing a halo or talking to God at the Pearly Gates. Most may say this is just a nice gesture by the cartoonists suggesting that Jobs lived a good life and made it into heaven.

But it can also be seen as an insult. Since Jobs lived his life as a Buddhist he most likely wasn't expecting to go to a Christian heaven.

"Perhaps it is insensitive to impose your own religion on someone else when they die," suggests Daryl Cagle of The Cagle Post, "but what the heck - readers and editors love it.

To most readers who see these cartoons might not even know that Jobs was a Buddhist, so they see nothing wrong with the cartoons. Others might see the cartoons and know that he is a Buddhist but think that there is no harm done since the cartoons were done with good intentions.

One cartoon shows Jobs talking to God and saying, "What part of being a Buddhist don't you understand?"

This cartoon might make the reader think of what Jobs might have to say to all of these Christian heaven cartoons. He might consider it disrespectful to suggest Christianity over what he practiced in his life.

But in the end, there is only one true religion. And most of these cartoonists think they know the right one.

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