Wikileaks Needs Donations

Monday, October 24, 2011

Governments today are trying to stop the media from sending out top seceret information to the pubilc.

Don't the people have the right to know though?
Wikileaks is a website that provides information about government activites and presents it to the public eye.

Recently though Wikileaks had to shut down there website due to the lose of money over the last year.

In this article, linked here, reads a statement for the reasons Wikileaks needs to raise money.

Wikileaks says they are being forced to shut down because of the US fincance companys are trying to control what they do.

Wikileaks is asking for help by accepting donations from active users and anyone to raise the money to get the website back up and providing information to journalist or anyone that wants to know what the government is doing.

Why is the government trying to hide these things from the people? I believe that the government thinks that if the people have this information the people might be able to go against the government or sell the information to others that might want to use it against the government.

Wikileaks is providing information to the people, information that most people would never see in there life time. By helping donate money to Wikileaks, the people can get the information they want about the government.


tyler.crandell October 26, 2011 at 8:21 AM  

I can see why the government wouldn't want everyone knowing top secret information about the country. I can also see why the people would like to know that information. The trouble is that once the information is made public, then anyone including terrorists, can use that information against us. If the U.S. had absolutely no enemies I could see why the information should be public.

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