Not Again!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

By Kellie Green

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating catastrophe that happened to Louisiana. Once again mother nature has created another blow that is about to affect the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Texas. Hurricane Gustav is set to hit Monday. Is is said to have 115 mph winds and surge up to 12 ft high. Gustav, a category three hurricane, is not as big as Katrina, a category 5, but it is still expected to cause damage.

Government officials have ordered a massive evacuation of many parts of Louisiana. It is said to be "the biggest evacuation in the states history." Ninety percent of those ordered to evacuate have fled. Many citizens have left in trains, buses and cars. Officials even changed all the incoming lanes leading to cities that are being evacuated to outgoing, allowing more traffic to leave the area. Anyone left behind will be without any kind of emergency care. A curfew has also became in affect by Governor Bobby Jindal in southern Louisiana. Anyone caught looting will go to jail. Seven thousand National Guard members have been brought in to protect property and sixteen thousand more are on their way.

Hopefully Gustav will not cause the devastating affects that Katrina did. However, with the levees still not completed it is uncertain what may happen. This time around the citizens and government officials seem more prepared and warned. We will all just have to wait to see what is going to happen later this week.


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