And the State steps in...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

By: Jessica Hartgers

Iowan foster mother, Desiree Bosch, reportedly loses custody of her own son recently. A judge ruled the 12 year old boy's home to be un-fit for him to be living in, yet she is still able to house foster children whom are not blood related. The judge's reasoning for taking the boy from the home was because the son was experiencing extreme stress and mental health issues.

From the beginning of the story it seems to look as if the journalists were taking the side of the mother. At the start of the article it mainly talks about the mother's point of view; foster mother who keeps her house open for any struggling friend or child. However, as the story goes on more and more details arise. You soon find out that the son was abused physically and sexually by his live in roommates, this abuse caused numerous problems for the child.

This story bothers me because the foster mother should be a mother first, and think of her own child's well-being before she chooses to open her house up to foster children that she makes money off of from the government.


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