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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

By Kellie Green

The Arts is something many of us, who are attending Simpson (a liberal arts school), know a lot about. The Arts is an area that many people focus on and enjoy. People daily go see plays, watch movies, go to a museum, write poetry, etc. Then why is it that The Arts section in newspapers seems to be hidden or completely not existing.

In going through The Des Moines Register in just a glance I can't even find the section focused on The Arts. At times there is a little section but nothing as big as the sports section or other popular selections. When reading The New York Times they at least have an Arts section but it is usually way in the back and hard to find.

The Arts section should not be hidden. It affects people everyday. Going through The Arts section today, on the New York Times website, I found out about the closing of Rent, a Broadway show that has been going on since 1996. When I went to find this out, on the web, I had to search for The Arts section because it was hidden off to the side.

The Arts may not be something that everyone is crazy about but it shouldn't be taken as something not important. The Arts should be compared to sections like sports. Both of these areas may not be for everyone but I am sure there are many people out there that spend their time focused on these areas.


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