Be safe out there

Monday, September 8, 2008

By: Quinn Albrecht

After my last blog, encouraging people to make news happen, I came across a story that refutes my statement. I found an article about the journalists in Minnesota that got caught up in an out of control protest, at the Republican National Convention.

The journalists were reporting on this protest, and everything was okay. The problems started when the permit the protesters had, expired. Even though it expired, they still wished to protest. In the end quite a few protesters dispersed away, but a few stuck in there and created problems.

Being good journalist, they stuck around, waiting for a good story. Little did they know they were going to become the news story of the evening.

The protesters where corralled onto a bridge, with the journalists. When the journalist tried to leave, they were not allowed. The journalists were given tickets for being a part of the protest.

In the end, I found that making a news story happen can sometimes be a good thing, but other times you could end up with a hefty fine to pay. So when looking for a news story, play it safe and attack China’s government, not your own.


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