Technology ultimately helping new branches of journalism

Monday, September 8, 2008

By: Taylor Browning

  It is commonly known that the Internet is hurting the newspaper business by providing instant news continually throughout the day.  The Internet however, is also helping many entrepreneur journalist get a huge leap into their aspired careers as well as sparking many new journalism outlets. 
     An Entrepreneurial Journalism class taught by Jeff Jarvis at the City University of New York's new Journalism School covers the opportunities the Internet provides many aspiring Journalist, outside the world of blogging. Many online versions of magazines and newspapers use the Internet to spread their awareness and advertising,  gaining money through organizations and online subscriptions in hopes of making it into print media.

    So while the Internet makes everyone a journalist through blogging and such, those further seeking a career in journalism are getting a boost into the field. As one era started without technology is somewhat diminishing, a new wave of entrepreneurs are emerging in journalism as technology continues to grow.



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