The money issue

Monday, September 8, 2008

By: Katie Anthony

Money seems to be the trouble maker across the nation right now. However, I personally, wouldn't have ever considered money to be the reason for the decreasing quality of journalistic work.

The State of the News Media took a poll of over 500 journalists in regards to their largest worries when it comes to the state of their career, and 55% of national journalists said that business and financial are is the highest up on their list of concerns.

The list of concerns ranged from business and financial, all the way to the lowest scoring concern, which was ethics and standards. In my opinion, there in lies the problem.

Tom Rosenstiel and Amy Mitchell that work on the Project for Excellence in Journalism, state the the "money concern" has begun to impact the quality of work. "As financial concerns have risen, few journalists cite the quality of coverage and the loss of credibility with the public as the most important problems facing journalism," says Mitchell and Rosenstiel.

So, how can we go about fixing this problem? So many journalists seem to be focused on this specific problem, but no one has yet proposed an idea to attempt to reverse the growing financial problem.

Who's going to "take the plunge," as I stated in my first blog, to begin to fix this ever-growing financial crisis for the journalists? Better yet, who's to blame?


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