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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Facebook and Twitter have quickly become a huge part of our lives. We are connected to these sites whenever, and where ever. With them easily accessible through our laptops, iTouch, or mobile device. It doesn't stop there.

There are many social media sites that offer things that others do not. For example, Facebook is used more for staying connected with those in your network. While Twitter is more news informational by having links connected to their posts.

A recent social media service such as Stickybits and Bakodo allows a user at any given moment to let any smartphone owner to pull out their device, load a barcode scanning application, scan a code and complete activities or gain access to large amounts of immediate relevant information.

This creation of social media and barcode scanning is making it's own name called "social scanning." This barcode scanning behavior is used at a location tool for those who like to share their location with friends on sites.

Stickybits allows users to add video, text, photos and audio to the barcodes they scan in the physical world via iPhone and Andriod apps. Barcodes also help people tag, share and connect around items.

There is also a program called "Official bits" that allows companies to be more brand friendly to claim their brands and to highlight their own content.

iPhone has an app from Bakodo that first came out at as a comparison shopping tool but is now converting to more of a social scanning status.

I wonder how long this social media will last, because the act of scanning a barcode other than working at a store seems odd.


Victoria Jones October 12, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

I believe I've heard about this before. The app I've heard of is one that you scan a coupon barcode and then save it. When you get to the store you can pull up the coupon and save on whatever product it's for.

I'm still a little confused on the subject but I'm sure I'll hear more about it. It's a very interesting idea and it's going right along with the technology trend.

Jesse A Stewart October 13, 2010 at 1:13 PM  

This sounds intriguing. I like the fact that like Victoria said you can scan a coupon or something of that nature and use it at the store. It eliminates the use of multiple paper coupons and allows for it all to be stored in a mobile device. I like this idea and I'm excited to see if it sticks around.

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