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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

According to a recent article on Mashable, the iPad is going to save newspapers. The iPad offers many features that make reading news on the go easy thanks to a large screen, interactive features, and quick downloads. In order to utilize all of this, however, you actually need to own an iPad.

Current figures show that Apple has sold approximately 3.27 million iPads, and the number is expected to increase. And while many people have indicated that they wish to purchase an iPad at some point, not everyone is willing (or have the finances) to fork over $500.

iPads do seem like a good way to enhance more readership in newspapers, simply because this is a device that can easily be carried. While people might be able to look at newspapers on their phones, it is hard to read the tiny text, and scroll back and forth, up and down to get the full story. Some people have laptops, but those can be bulky, and not convenient to carry with at all times. So why would people choose to carry an electronic device instead of just hit up a newspaper stand?

First off, there is the large variety of newspapers that are already online, several of which are free. When you go to a newspaper stand, there are many selections as well, but it isn't practical to buy five different papers when you could simply have five different windows open on an iPad. With the iPad, you can download the newspaper apps, and open them that way.

Secondly, while there are some free newspaper apps, not all of them are free. For the ones that do cost, the price is generally around three bucks, and that is a one-time deal. How nice would it be not to dig the change out from under the couch each morning to buy your daily newspaper? Already the Wall Street Journal has had more than 650,000 downloads, many of those with paid subscribers.

Even though there seem to be many benefits of using the iPad for newspapers, there are also downsides. There is of course the possibility that you set it down somewhere and someone else walks off with it. Just like a computer or phone, you could accidentally dump water on it, leave it in the hot sun, etc. and fry it. And what about when the iPad updates (like so many devices do), are people going to pay each time to get a new one?

I think that utilizing the iPad to read newspapers is a good idea, though it may not be as practical in a few years. Newspapers are not going to make money at it unless they charge consumers to download their apps. I am anxious to see how this pans out in the coming years.


Victoria Jones October 19, 2010 at 9:35 PM  

I think it's great that they think iPads are going to save newspapers. However, are iPads really that practical. Who has that kind of money just laying around, not me. Maybe in a few years iPads will cost less. Sadly, that probably won't be the case. They'll just get more features and the price will climb. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

LogannRoberts October 19, 2010 at 11:33 PM  

I also think it's great that newspaper companies could have a new ray of hope available through the iPad.

I feel like it will take out a long time to work out all the kinks and subscription fees and get enough people on board with purchasing before it makes a big enough effect to really help the newspaper business.

Also, this could be unrelated, but I wonder exaclty how much reading a person can do on an iPad without causing some eyedamge. I would find it hard to stare at for the length of an entire newspaper.

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