Beatles Finally On iTunes

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Beatles is one of the most well known bands out there. And until recently if you wanted to listen to them you had to purchase the card copy album to listen to a few of your favorite songs.

It has been a long process to get the Beatles to sign over to have their music for sale on iTunes. They felt that the digital music didn't do their catalogue good enough justice.

They have been one of the bands to holdout on joining the iTunes network yet they are not the last. AC/DC has no desire to sell individual songs in replacement for whole albums.

Evidently the Beatles had rumors over the past few years that they were going to sign on to iTunes and now they finally have.

iTunes didn't wait one second either to advertise this. The entire iTunes store's main page is filled with Beatles albums and songs. Not only can fans purchase individual songs and full albums for their music players they can also purchase live concert film.

They are taking full advantage to promote this because it took so long for the Beatles to agree to let their music go digital.

This is a great way for the newer generations to experience the hit music their grandparents and parents talk about. Our generation would not think to buy an entire album. A single song on the other hand, yes we do that. So by hearing one song they may be inclined to purchase more.

Along with this it gives the older generation a chance to reconnect with one of their favorite bands. There may have always been those select favorite songs and now they can purchase them for their iPods.

It may encourage more people to want to be Apple owners because they can purchase Beatles music on iTunes for cheaper than purchasing the who album.

Apple didn't give up on hope that the Beatles would eventually sign their music over. That's how good business works you have to be resistant for what you want to benefit the customer and your business.


Victoria Jones November 16, 2010 at 7:09 PM  

I had never realized the Beatles weren't on iTunes but I think it's awesome that they finally agreed. Like Nicole said our parents and grandparents grew up loving the Beatles. I myself know plenty of people my age who share the same love for the Beatles. While I may not be a die hard fan I still love their music. The Beatles are timeless and I have a feeling that since they're on iTunes they'll continue to be popular for years to come.

Erin Guzman November 16, 2010 at 8:16 PM  

I had the same initial reaction as Victoria...I just assumed that ALL the greats were already on iTunes because it made sense that they would want to expand, to appeal to younger generations as a way of keeping their music 'alive.'

I have been hearing things from students all day about it and how they seem apathetic about this being a big deal. It surprised me really. I guess not many people see just how much The Beatles shaped culture and the progression of music to where it is now. After taking Discovering Music last Spring at Simpson with Dr. Albrecht, I realized just how unique and innovative The Beatles music is and how it will continue to be looked at as a model of inspiration.

This is really a big step for Apple and iTunes. By taking the 'oldies' and making them available to the average mainstream music connoisseur, it allows for the possibility that this music will NEVER die...the great bands of the past may experience a cultural and musical reawakening all because iTunes decided to digitize and promote it in a 'new' way. It's really interesting to think about. And as a Beatles fan, it makes me really excited to get my hands on more of their music that I don't already own :)

sheyenne.manning November 17, 2010 at 5:49 AM  

I've heard a lot about this lately and it never occured to me that older tunes wouldn't also be on iTunes. I guess I was never a Beatles fan so I wouldn't have searched for them. Is this something that is true of all older bands? What brought attention to the fact that the Beatles didn't have music on iTunes?

Tyler Utzka November 17, 2010 at 6:30 AM  

I guess I wasn't aware The Beatles weren't on iTunes either. I also didn't realize they were so protective of their music. I'm glad that iTunes was persistent so now that they are finally available for downloads on iTunes.

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