Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

People are still going out and shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. It is a crazy hectic time for shoppers looks for those great deals they could not find on any other day.

However, not everyone wants to stand in the cold lines that are crowded with people and fight over an item with another shopper. More people are turning to online shopping calling the day Cyber Monday for Christmas presents.

E-commerce tracking company called Akamai tracked 1,333,336 global page visits per minute.

Roughly 96.5 million planned to shop on Cyber Monday last year and this year 106.9 were estimated to participate in shopping on Cyber Monday.

National Retail Foundation (NRF) said that a lot of shopping will be done while working their jobs roughly 70 million Americans.

Just because shoppers choose to avoid the madness of the store's door busters doesn't mean they are not getting a good deal. 88% of retailers have a promotion for Cyber Monday.

Only with in the past years has this way of holiday shopping really grown. More and more online stores are having their largest coupon for products to purchase during the holidays.

This does not mean Black Friday doesn't do well in sales. The day continues to hold up it's far share of deals and high profits for stores.

I feel this in a way can be comparable to newspapers online and actual news print papers. No , not majority of the people in the world are going to stop shopping at the stores on Black Friday or other days during the Holiday season.

However, a lot more people are choosing to do their shopping online and this number has grown more in the past years. It will continue to grow because it is easier for people to avoid huge crowds and get their shopping down fast and easy.

Like above people can shop for presents and do their work at the same time.

This number of online shoppers around the Holidays I feel will continue to grow each year and it could potentially passing the people who go out on Black Friday. Or it may not but the number of online shopping will stay a strong number.


Paul Salais December 7, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

I think that having both a a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday is smart. While you have the people that like to physically pick up the item the wish to purchase, you also have those people that want to sit from their house and obtain the best deals. Although Black Friday is a huge deal, I agree with the fact that online shopping will continue to grow and would surprise me Cyber Monday ended up taking over in the future.

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