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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PostPost is a recent launch by a company called Tiger Logic. It is through Facebook. The article I readcalls it a real-time " social newspaper." What does it consist of?

The PostPost consists of videos, photos, and links that you create on Facebook and share with your friends. Which becomes a news source when talking about social media.

PostPost takes your news feed and makes it look like an actual news paper site. There is different videos to click on and displays the different events people are participating in. It does not look like your news feed on Facebook. I would say it looks more professional.

It also, shows the recent pages you have liked towards the top of PostPost.
This site makes it easier for users to switch from different sections like from photos to videos. Whatever they are wanting to view at the time.

PostPost is said to be along the same lines as Pulse which is a mobile app and Flipboard which is used on the iPad. The difference between these is that PostPost is accessed on the web browser.

This video below introduces PostPost.

No this is not an "actual newspaper" with the news of politics and the articles you commonly read in a daily newspaper. Unless these are the types of videos and links you and your friends are talking about.

I see it more as the links and videos you view as news and want to s hare with your friends. Such as the fight at the NBA game or what the new style is for the week. These may be in news papers, but not as likely main topics.

This is like a newspaper that can relate to what you like to read and hear about while sharing with your friends.

I don't know everything about the new application to Facebook so I may be taking it the wrong way, but it is the understanding I have received from the article and the YouTube video.

Overall I feel it is a great addition to Facebook and will be a fun and different way of sharing social media throughout you and your friends.


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