Digital Resumes on the Rise

Monday, February 21, 2011

People often ask one thing when going to a job interview. Is my resume put together well enough to show who I really am? Today, there are even more options for resumes than the regular typed up paper that's typically turned in by hopeful applicants.

The most recent version of the resume includes graphics of all types. Applicants can personalize their resumes to fit their specific job. One resume on Mashable's site, pictured to the left, is personalized to the restaurant business, and the resume is designed to look like a menu. These types of resumes are called digital resumes.

Digital resumes stand out from the ordinary resume. The bright colors and different layout make the person's eyes wander all over the page reading every detail. It's more interesting to look at than a plain white paper with black text.

These types of resumes also show the employer that the applicant wants the job bad enough that he/she took the time to personalize the resume to fit the job. This can often make an employer choose this more pleasing to the eye digital resume over the ordinary resume. Employers may often think if he/she took this much time to work on their resume imagine how hard he/she will work on the job.

I plan on editing my resume after seeing all these attractive resumes. My resume will not only look the best out of all the other applicants I will be going up against for future jobs, but it will also look pretty cool, and employers will be impressed with my determination to impress them.

Photo Credit: Jason Takeuchi via Mashable


Kelsey Hagelberg February 21, 2011 at 2:00 PM  

I think that digital resumes are a good idea. By becoming digital, it gives the company a sense that their potential employer are technologically advanced. These resumes also offer the person an opportunity to show the company how creative they are in designing the resume. Everything is going digital, so why not include job resumes too?

Nicole Dillenburg February 22, 2011 at 7:35 PM  

Having digital resumes seems like a great idea because it allows society to keep up with our time. In other words, technology has improved greatly, so it is important for other areas to keep up with it as well. Also, it seems very convenient.

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