When the Media Go Too Far

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do media have to show everything? Do we have to see, hear or know everything? As a student in journalism, I ask myself sometimes if there is a limit in news world.

The first example that come in my mind is the specialized media in the lives of famous people. They always try to find something interested in stars' private life. Magazines like People like to provide readers with provocative and shocking facts around in the private lifes of celebrities.

But Magazines are not the only media that is interesting in great stories. They all are and even the most reliable media can be brought to use unsavory means to attract the audience. During the Sep. 11 terrorists' attacks in New York City for example, television reporters didn't be afraid to show people jumping from the twin towers live in a worlwide broadcast. I was 13 years-old when I saw these images and I was shocked.

And media also make mistakes because they are attracted by the scoop, the big story and rush to deliver informations without verifying the veracity. The case of Gabrielle Giffords reported dead on national T.V while she was still in surgery.

When you know that her husband heard that she was dead and finally found her alive at the hospital, you can tell that media make serious mistaskes and can ruin lives just because they don't take the time to check facts.

Photo credit: People cover page via CreativeCommons.org


Morgan Abel February 9, 2011 at 11:27 AM  

As long as people enjoy reading magazines that provoke trash talk journalists will cover celebrities and their most trashy moments.

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