The Media: Full of 'Gutter Snipes'

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The world is constantly changing and growing. People develop new technologies, come up with new ideas, and as the whole the human race develops. So, when Bill O' Reilly mentions during an interview, "The media, remarkably, hasn’t changed since Benjamin Franklin was printing ‘Poor Richard’s Almanac'," it stirs up a bit of thought.

O' Reilly explains that media is filled with "a bunch of gutter snipes" all trying to push opinions backed with facts, and that dishonesty is so prevalent it is almost scandalous.

Despite this fact he says, "The media does keep an eye on what's going on and the people really get both sides of the story..."

With this in mind, where do American's go for reliable, unbiased news? The news is easy to find, online, in print, or on television, and it is a citizens responsibility to detect if the news does show bias. If so, they should look at the story from both sides and form an educated opinion.

When considering O'Reilly's comment that the news hasn't changed since Ben Franklin he is showing that the media has been motivated by their own agenda and it's up to the public to decide what is right and wrong form there.

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Lance Kramer September 28, 2011 at 7:07 AM  

The world is changing very rapidly these days and sparking up some issues within the media. More and more people want the truth not some random opinion from someone. Facts are what the people want I believe the media should give it to them. Not just one side but both because having the stories match up or not one can find the truth behind anything. I think Bill O' Reilly is right when he says that the media has become more dishonest over the years.

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