Occupy Wall Street Coverage

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street- and now Occupy X city across the country- movement is sweeping the country, thousands of people are participating and facing arrests for standing up against their political unhappiness.

Yet, as I have talked to people around Simpson, many of my peers have either never heard of the movement or know next to nothing about it. How could that be? Are we just a current events illiterate school? I don't think so.

While the mainstream media has picked up its coverage since the beginning of the protests, I still do not think that they are providing ample coverage to this movement that is affecting every part of our nation.

Todd Gitlin, as reported by Mallary Jean Tenore via Poynter.org, is also dissatisfied with the coverage. He calls the coverage "predictable," "lazy," and "the knee-jerk preconceptions."

Gitlin points out that the first thing that the media is doing wrong is "focusing on protesters who look like outcasts." It has been pointed out by those involved in the movement that media is focusing extensively on interviewing those who look odd- "on grungy looking people or people with dreadlocks or people beating drums."

He also advises journalists to look at the larger picture of the movement. The protests are not just isolated events, but a story. Look at how the dots are connected.

Finally, Gitlin suggests that journalists have to dig deep to understand what the underlying goal of the issue is. Being aware of history and other social movements can help to deepen one's knowledge of this movement.

On the bright side, however, the coverage has gotten better as the protests have gone on. What was nonexistent is at least getting some air time, helping more people become aware. As the movement continues, we can expect to see the coverage widen and become more influential in telling the stories of the protesters.


Rachel Smith October 23, 2011 at 10:25 PM  

The coverage for this soon-to-be (perhaps already) national protest has been shameful. The ideas being raised by Occupy Wall Street are being belittled by the national media (which is probably demonstrating something that these protesters are unhappy with). This ideas of this protest are mainly spreading through modern media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs and unless a person specifically searches for this online, they may not find the true meaning of this protest from national media.

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