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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sideline reporting has become a constant in the sporting world with almost all sports having at least one or two. There is no glory in sideline reporting and it is a position often met with annoyance from coach and fan alike.

While there are both male and female sideline reporters, more often than not females dominate the airwaves. I guess a pretty smile and a cute face offsets the fact that this position is as useful as a kick to the head.

The most iconic fail when it comes to sideline reporting, at least in my mind, is the halftime interview. It's comparable to a deer being caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Interviewers stop a coach as he makes his way to the locker room and ask him an onslaught of ridiculous questions. How do you plan to win? Why did you choose to play that player? Any ideas for the second half coach?

Bear Bryant, a former University of Alabama football coach, was famous for tearing sideline reporters apart and here is an almost comical interview during halftime of one of the games he coached in.

Listen to the questions the reporter asked closely and see that this job is about as worthless as your high school guidance counselor.

Even if the reporter had asked intelligible questions she was fated to get one of two answers.

  1. We have to play better to win.

  2. We're playing pretty damn good, I think we'll win
While I may be opening a can of worms I think sideline reporting is yet another way for the media to exploit women and keep them from the upper echelon of sports broadcasting.

Ever noticed that women are left to freeze on the sidelines while their male counterparts sit comfortably in a booth? To me this reads as a big middle finger to women looking to make it in the sports world.

It's as if the sports world is mocking a woman's ability to report on sporting events. It's sad that this is the fate that female sports analysts may be doomed to.

Most do their homework and are very knowledgeable about their respected fields. However, women don't seem to garner any respect when it comes to sports reporting.

In the end the female sideline reporter is a poor attempt at giving women a chance in the sports broadcast world. They simply serve as eye candy and offer no intelligible insight into the sport they are reporting about.

Women are just as competent as their male counterparts when it comes to sports reporting. It is disgraceful how women are used in the sporting world and they deserve more respect than they are given.


Lance Kramer October 12, 2011 at 8:07 AM  

Yes in the sports world women reporters are sought to be just something good to look at. Women reports have the same knowledge as the men in the booth, just the men do not look as good as the women do. I see this as gender segregation because the corporate does not think, in my opinion, that women are equally intelligent when it comes to a man’s sport.

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