Comedian Vs. Journalist

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

By: Erin Floro

To some, Jon Stewart is just a comedian. To others, Jon Stewart is both a comedian and a journalist. Jon Stewart is the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show and is known for his humor of mocking people and politics. He says he is just a comic but a lot of journalists disagree. Nathan Kasper, a Stewart fan said "I see him as a journalist first and a comedian second. When he's reporting the news, he's still reporting. He's just making it funny."

Depending on who you ask some think that "The Daily Show" is a "news" program and some think that it is a comedy show. With the 2008 election coming up, everyone is tuned in to his funny style of journalism because he is unbiased. Some people think he has an impact on how the election will turn out. This is the third presidential election in which Stewart has been at "The Daily Show."

In a survey ranked in the public's favorite journalist, he is in a five-way tie for fourth overall with Anderson Cooper, Dan Tarther, Tom Brokaw, and Brian Williams. Mike Connell a college student at the University of St.Thomas in St. Paul said "And he rips equally on both parties. I think it's hilarious."

Almost one in four adults aged 18 to 29 are informed about the election from watching "The Daily Show." Also, "The Daily Show" scored higher on a campaign knowlege test than news viewers and those who read the newspaper.

So, if you want to be informed about politics and want some humor at the same time, check out the famous journalist and comedian Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show."


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